Important information

Hello lovely people, just a heads up why I am not uploading (that much) at the moment.

I am going through a hard time atm with my mom having a burnout, my uncle having cancer, the pandemic having an impact on our financial situation which is giving a lot of stress, and some other personal things all coming together at once. It's all a bit too much for me to deal with atm so I am extremely tired right now (I already suffer from chronic fatigue due to chronic stress, so these things really have an impact on me mentally and physically).

I am doing my best to get back on track as soon as possible (YouTube is my job, and it's the only income we have atm - also due to the pandemic - so I can't just stay away for long or call myself in sick or something). I will slowly try to get back with uploading videos, but really taking it easy, so I don't want to pin myself on any uploading schedule atm.. So if things don't go normally, then you know why.. but I will try to do my best ❤️ I really hope you will all understand ❤️

Thanks for all your amazing support ❤️ Love you all ❤️

Much love,

DeLady ❤️

No videos on DeLadygamer** and DeLadyNL until further notice

**Coming months will be very busy with new games and DLC launches on DeLadysigner. We will return on DeLadygamer when ARK the Lost Island map will launch ♥ Lost Island will be launching on the 14th of December ♥